29 dec 2015

broadcast express / camrunners

VLIEGTUIGRAILIn 2001 we got our first courier job involving broadcast equipment. Job well done, so the next one soon followed. And yet another…
We almost instantly became the regular courier for one of Belgium’s major suppliers of outside broadcast, studio, ENG and multimedia facilities. Soon we were – as we still are – covering all their courier needs.
Most of our trips are about driving rental equipment to Holland and back. However, last-minute just-in-time domestic jobs are also part of the deal, as well as emergency work throughout Europe and the U.K. Whatever the job, it nearly always involves handling high-end, expensive, delicate, fragile, sensitive electronics and/or optics.
Small as the (broadcasting and audiovisual) world is and fast as word of mouth travels, we quickly caught the eyes and ears of other companies in the same branch. One thing led to another and our client list developed into what it is today: a beauty that deserves loads of TLC.
vastmaken haak in vloerrailIt is hard to pin-point one specific reason for which these companies choose for GOCAPS EXPRESS. We can however, list some assets in our favour:
  • experience: as mentioned, we have been in this line of work for 14 years now. This not only means we are very well aware of the type of gear we are on the road with. We also know how to get to and gain access to loads of sports stadiums, television studios, concert halls, festival sites and event arenas…
  • small scale: we only employ a handful of motivated, dedicated, loyal drivers who know what they are in for and where our clients’ priorities lie
  • safe: our vehicles are equipped with rails and straps to secure flightcases: “must ride on wheels” shall ride on wheels, “do not tip” will travel upright, tilt shifts will arrive intact…
  • no nonsense: we rock, so you can roll. No rigid company structures or procedures: just get going in order to get the job done.
  • flexibility: change of plans while underway, no problem. 24/7/365 availability.
  • budget: our small-scale company structure involves limited overhead costs, meaning we can always get clients very interesting tailored quotes
Busy though we are, there is still room for expansion, even within our small scale, without compromising our service level. So we will gladly welcome new customers to our project.

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