28 dec 2015

international golf luggage transport

golf luggage1
Looking forward to that well-deserved golf break with friends... yet not to the hassle with luggage and gear that comes with it?
GOCAPS EXPRESS will gladly take care of that worry for you:
  • no damage to the interior of your own car
  • no annoyed looks from drivers in too expensive taxis
  • no sweaty dragging through airport terminals
  • no unpleasant surprises, misunderstandings or arguments about excess luggage at check-in desks
  • no risk of misrouted or lost luggage
Anything your party does not want to carry on the airplane as cabin luggage, will be picked up at your home
  • a day (or two) before your departure, depending on the destination
  • by a multi-lingual experienced driver
  • in an anonymous van in which your luggage will be carefully loaded and tranported safely
  • in case of overnight stops on the way, secured parking is our only option
golf luggage2At your destination
  • we shall look after your luggage until you arrive
  • we can take care of any equipment transfers during your stay
Monte Rei in the Algarve, Valderrama on the Costa del Sol, Les Bordes in the Loire Valley, Bro Hof Slott near Stockholm, Biella in Northern Italy, Falkenstein Hamburg... : just about every golf course in Europe is within our range.
Of course, tarriffs are custom made, according to your demands and wishes. Contact us for a quote.

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