28 dec 2015

Gocaps Express goes Cross-Channel

LONDON COURIEROur courier activity quite regularly gets us across the Channel into the U.K.
We usually choose Eurotunnel for our crossings. In our experience this is by far the quickest and least expensive option to get from the Continent to England and back. 
In line with our core-business we are mostly carrying broadcast equipment. As we are mainly transporting rental gear which is not for resale and we rarely carry more than 3 cubic metres, we do not have to book through Eurotunnel’s freight service and we can register cheap as ”passenger travel”, which is – depending on the time of booking and crossing – often less than half price.
Under normal circumstances, outside rush hour we can get shipments from the Brussels Airport region to the Heathrow side of London within 6 hours. Taking into account the time difference with the U.K., this means that gear shipped from Brussels reaches your client in London with ample time to still do whatever useful with it before closing time.
Due to cheap channel crossing, (labour) time saving, plus clearly cheaper fuel prices in Belgium, GOCAPS EXPRESS can guarantee sharp rates for courier jobs from the Continent to the U.K. and vice versa. Discount rates for regular assignments are, of course, self-evident…     

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